tw! nudity, intimated sexual abuse and violence

my favorite laurie i have drawn c:
i like drawing laurie and michael if halloween was set in 1878.
(because it's reasonable to draw laurie wearing lolita. lol)

halloween 1978 choose your character screen!

laurie as horus (obviously stylized as a helenic adaptation)
i drew this on my phone when i first got my stylus. you can tell because laurie looks soo ugly. lol
even so, i like it, because i think the colors look very pretty!

laurie + jane (an original character from dead by daylight)
jane is really cute!! she is beautiful with a curvaceous body. when she came out, i totally fell in love with her.
i always chased janes around and they usually took care of me and healed me. i still love jane.

sketch for leda and the swan. but i never ended up doing the serious version...
because michael is an unemotive white artifice with black eyes, he looks very much like a swan.

killer!laurie, for my reverse halloween headcanon c:
michael myers drops acid on halloween night, 1978, and experiences hellish visions in which a creature wearing the head of a porcelain doll stalks him.

it's sideways cus i don't have any image editing software on my chromebook and cannot turn it (இ__இ✿) amanda young (from saw) + laurie. we have a complicated relationship because for some reason, amanda keeps sparing me in dbd.
does she think laurie is cute???

castitas lillium


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