tw! all the ones also insects and arachnids

snow on the hill when i snuck out during the covid19 lockdown

accidental out of focus pic i like cus its aesthetic

photo of the ceiling at a tea room where i had my birthday party

my shoes, taken while i waited for the bus at 1am

my collection of potentially haunted dolls.
I LOVE COLLECTING OLD/WELL LOVED/DISABLED DOLLS!!!!!! have dollies to donate to my orphanage? contact me! I WILL PAY SHIPPING!

me in the silver room at the portland art museum :o)
this is my favorite place to go!!!! the food at the behind the museum cafe is AMAZING!!
definitely go if you are able and try the matcha latte, onigiri and hojicha soft serve.

the timid and gentle giant huntsman
this is a male specimen out looking for a girlfriend who paused to warm up on my playstation c:

drinks and cakes

medical staff in hazmat suits and gas masks