me in a fountain :o) this was taken on the day of the derby! it was so fun meeting the champion horse, who cutely nuzzled my face and ears like we were good friends...
any way, it was june or july, and it was sooo hot. lol
op: bodyline

silly pic from when i was dying my hair. my trigger discipline was poor...
jsk: angelic pretty
blouse: bodyline

me on my bike ~ (ó ꒳ ò✿)
dress: made by me!

random look C: when i liked sax lol!!
jsk: angelic pretty, accessories: hand made


me performing a beautiful song by nicole dollanganger, angels of porn
op: baby the stars shine bright, accessories: hand made

random look. jsk: angelic pretty, bonnet: hand made

an outfit i wore on my birthday c: jsk: baby the stars shine bright, blouse: bodyline, accessories: hand made
i really vividly remember the taxi driver asked what i was doing and i said "going to my birthday" and he said "your ninth birthday?" and i was internally like "oh, i see you don't accept tips."

my look for a creepy themed fashion show ~
dress: gunnesax, accessories: hand made

look for a doll show. bodyline and off brand

look for visiting a graveyard. jsk: i borrowed it, so i'm not sure...btssb i think?