Diegesis: A Primer Through Clownsessay to explain diegesis to my stupid friend turned into a love letter review to pagliacci


"what if lolita had a happy ending and also it was team fortress 2?"

a note on the production of transgressive fiction: i produce art and writing almost exclusively about sexual abuse and child sexual assault.

while my style is obliteratingly purple and descriptions of abuse i write certainly are written with the intent to be evocative of perspectives involved in a sexually abusive exchange, i would never attempt to eroticize or romanticize these events. sexual abuse is invoked in my writing for the purposes of horror.

while i do not expect immunity from criticism, if you are now preparing a passionate attack on my ethicality, i would like you as a favor to me to consider for a moment why a young girl might meditate obsessively on the subject of child sexual abuse, and consider also whether it is really in the interest of abuse survivors to compel it to speak publicly about it's traumas or to offer on this topic your bad faith.